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March ON

March ON - Campaign Completed 2016-2017

The Ames Education Foundation partnered with the Ames High Marching Band to help raise funds for new band uniforms.

Our Ames High Marching Band will "Rock ON", because your donations will helped them, "March ON!"

We have raised our goal!  This campaign has met with success!  Thank you to everyone for your leadership and for your contributions!  Thanks for helping the band March ON! 

Why we needed new Marching Band Uniforms:

We no longer had enough uniforms for every student in marching band.

Current uniforms were torn, beyond repair, and worn out.  Due to lack of uniforms, Freshmen band members in 2016, were not able to wear the traditional band uniform.

Uniforms were 15 years old.  Feedback from Iowa Band Consultants ~ "12-15 years is way beyond the life of a marching band uniform."

Marching Band Uniform Goals Were: (These Goals were met - Thank you!)

Our goal was to raise $175k   |    350 Uniforms were needed   |   New Uniforms cost $500 each   |  Marching with new uniforms by 2017


Marching Band Schedule - Fall 2018 - To Be Announced

Marching at Varsity Home Football Games


The Award Winning Ames High Marching Band is under the direction of:

Left to Right:  Mr. Chris Ewan, Mr. Andrew Buttermore, and Mr. Peter Thompson

Mr. Ewan is holding the old/current uniform.  Mr. Buttermore, in the middle, is holding the brand new uniform.  Mr. Thompson holds the current black hat, and is also holding the new hat which is gray and has a white plume.  The new uniform will reflect a polished image for the Ames High Marching Band.


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WE also accept gifts of stock, or you may call our office to discuss other planned giving arrangements.  For planned giving questions contact Annie Arbuckle, Executive Director by phone or email:, and office phone (515)268-6630.

THANK YOU!  Your recent donation to Ames Education Foundation to help Marching Band had immediate impact on the high school music education for hundreds of students!  Your donation has been helpful for many years to come.

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