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Extra Edge Mentoring Program

Past Project -

The Extra Edge Mentoring Program was the result of an individual in our community identifying a problem and looking for a solution. Bob Anderson is that individual. Bob came to the Ames Education Foundation in the fall of 1996 with an idea for a way to help students who needed something extra in their lives. Bob and his wife Janice wanted to find a way to “give back” to their community.

The Extra Edge Mentoring Program offered the opportunity for adults to make an important difference and become a special person in the life of a young person. Through this program, adults spent quality time with a young person and became a positive role model.

When Youth and Shelter Services received a large federal grant to expand mentoring programs in the area, Bob Anderson with permission from the donors directed funds to benefit students at the Ames Middle School. Funds helped to purchase new band instruments and are being used to create a healthy learning environment at the Middle School.


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