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We Invite You to donate to Read ON!  To help our Ames Schools with Elementary Literacy needs.  Your help today with Elementary Literacy has immediate impact on 2000 children.


Questions:  Contact, Annie Arbuckle, Ames Education Foundation at 515/268-6630, or


Questions about donating to Elementary Literacy?

Where Can I send a check:  Make your check payable to Ames Education Foundation.

Send your check to:  Ames Education Foundation, PO Box 1125, Ames, IA  50014

Where can I DONATE online to Elementary Literacy:  Click Here and Choose Leveled Readers

Thank you to Wilson Toyota for your recent Sponsorship of Read ON!  We appreciate your support!



Thank you Wilson Toyota for your 2016 Sponsorship!

Thank you to the Ames Tribune for being one of our recent Sponsors!








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